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  • Thursday, October 19, 2006

    hibernation off...

    arrrggh... i've been neglecting not only this site but our preps as well. bin has been half-meaningly teasing me that my interest in the preparation just went down the drain... but you see, more than my usual procastrinating-self, it's my schedule at work that should be blamed. -- heeh.. im not making excuses here. of all the days that i can be burried neck deep with work, with less than 2 months to the wedding , i've been given assignments that dont allow me to be home before 10pm ,and i can see the sched getting tighter as the year ends. nyaarggss good thing ive already told my bosses of our plans, kaya there's no stopping me in going home! kundi nakuuuu... BABU! :D

    so to get me back on track at least for a day or so, i'll just blog whatever wedding-related comes to mind. hehe

    let's start with something really good....

    --- we got our rings!!!! and we just love love love them in all aspects - the style, the fit, especially the price! :D

    onset our preps we knew that we'd be getting our rings here in JP because bin was bent on buying platinum bands to match our rings, and plats are a LOT cheaper here than in Phils. what we got are sort of two-layered rings, top layer is a platinum and the bottom layer is made of yellow gold w/c is slighty wider than the plat... get the picture? they are kinda heavy and thick but fits comfortably. super simple, just the way we liked it. what im most happy about, however, is that we got them at a very reasonable price :D it was actually below our alloted budget hehehe.... so happy!

    --- we had our moms' measurements taken ... my mom and sister went to Veluz last month for their measurements... it's a blessing that my mom didnt like the initial color of fabric veluz presented to us hehehe kasi the next options she gave us are much, much better. since they had 3 choices, i still got to decide which one to use hehehehe... basta it's a better shade of pink than the first one :D

    mamang also sent her measurements then i gave it to veluz, wala naman reklamo, so i think they are already doing tbhe gowns... im sooo excited for this. i hope our moms will love their gowns. they so deserve to feel pretty on our wedding day din kasi :D

    --- some of the entous have their measurements taken... some wala pa. im finally done getting our jp-based ninangs' and entous' sukat. i hope the fit would turn out just as well as jo's gown. nay! i remembered being told that all measurements should be in first week of october! :(

    --- we already bought gifts for our ninangs. we're giving away silk wallets in different colors.. we'd probably just put some yen in it. coins lang! hehehe i plan [operative word hehe] to do the wrapping. i visited hyakuen shops several times for nice wrapping paper but still cant find something i like... i think i need to visit tokyu hands na.

    we plan to give jp gifts to our pinoy ninongs and ninangs. and pinoy gifts to our japanese ones. i asked my mom to look for same type of gifts. :D any idea on non-consummable, non-vice-related gifts for ninongs?

    --- our supplier has started printing our invites! i just got news today from our coord.. who's been sooo nice to make abono for the DP when she met with Trina [of vprojekt] . in fairness to us, we asked naman for the bank acct. so my mom can transfer the money... pero siguro she thought [our coord] na baka ndi ma-start ang invites on time. grabe she never fails to amaze me with what she can do for us :D

    as for the invites design, it has been a looong and tedious process in coming up with one to our liking. good thing Trina has been sooo patient with me. ang dami kong specs, kmi pala ni bin! hahaha.. i initially saw one of her original designs in her website.tapos i asked her to customize accdg to our motif, theme and budget. it took us 4 mockups to finally close the deal hehehe we slightly went over the budget [me bago pa ba dito?] pero clarice told me it's very nice naman considering the price.

    cant wait to receive copies to distribute to our JP guests.. sana they'll be as good as in the pictures.. or better pa. :)

    --- ive been secretly wanting to do JP-based prenup shoot kasi JP plays a major role in our story. bin is sold with the idea but he was insisting that we do it ourselves, kasi shy daw sya! asus! we've done this several times pero for me mas dyahe pag me tripod lang tapos kung ano anong pose ang gagawin namin hehehehe :D buti na lang i convinced him to do this with the help of our photo. hobbyist-friends :D they have digital SLRs and they take really good pics! so, sayangin ko pa ba ang opportunity ??

    next step was asking them... im quite hesitant pa kasi it's a hassle din on their part because we will be taking their precious restful weekends from them. pero, they're all sooo nice to say yes on the idea right away. no need pa ko magmakaawa hahaha

    we set to start our prenups at enosh beach this sunday hehehe then probably visit shinjuku park for the ultimate autumn effect. sooo excited :D

    ayan ok na! i hope this long post makes up for the time i've been AWOL. hehehe

    i hope to post some wedding-related pics next time like souvenirs, PS gifts or perhaps our prenups! naku, need to practice my smile hehehehehe

    anlaaaapit na!!!

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006


    updating based on comments of the ever-reliable wawies... [thanks! thanks!]


    we have about 4 months and 2 weeks left for preps. ideally it should only be 4months, because our original plan says we should be finished with everything before december. but with bin and I going home a week before the big day, asa pa talaga. :D but, i am not worried with the preps... at least not yet. or is it just because there are more things in my mind... like our rapidly inflating expenses? :( i would rather think about the preparation details.. than contemplate how we can scrimp on things still need to spend on.

    so, here is the list of the accomplishments done by Bin [and me na rin hehe] before he came here in JP and the to-do list [payments not included]. As expected the additional To-do items outnumbered the things we've done ..sheesh.

    Coordination - Clarice of An Event to Remember
    We upgraded our contract with them from On-the-day coordination to Partial Coordination. We figured that although we have booked almost all the important suppliers and we are still on track with the schedule we set, it would be close to impossible to tie all the remaining loose ends with both Bin and I here in JP. Before Bin left Pinas, he gave Clarice almost all the wedding-related documents and contracts so she can take care of whatever we have left hanging. The other night, over YM, we browsed through the major details of our preparation. She told me I have nothing to worry about. Good. I'll see her on the day. Joke lang hehehe. With the way she handled our discussion, I must say that Im now much more at ease that there's gonna be a wedding on Dec.16. :)

    To do : follow up on things we've discussed

    Venue (Ceremony/Reception) - Coconut Palace
    We asked Clarice to give our DP... I havent reviewed our contract but I think next payment would be on the day itself.

    To do : ask about generator[?] in case of blackouts, Ask about the usage of Chapel for ceremony if in case it rains

    Caterer/Ceremony Arrangement - Josiah's Catering
    Haaayy..the source of my wedding-related stress and frustration. They booked us an emcee w/o informing the emcee... and so, she has accepted another wedding event na buti na lang somebody i know... kung hindi baka nagulat na lang kami on the day na iba pala ang emcee namin! grrrrr talaga... actually that's just the short and tamed version of it.. I dont want to dwell on this na.. kasi it already took so much of my energy I have alloted for wedding stress hehehe. anyway, Clarice told me she'll talk with our "reliable"AE about this.

    To do : Settle Emcee problem [Clarice will discuss this with them this week], Ask for change of Color Motif [we initially told them Brown and Yellow, now it should be Pink and Brown], If sched still permits, Ask for food tasting on the dishes we havent tasted yet.., Discuss Ceremony and Reception Layout, Discuss floral arrangement [both Ceremony and Reception], Discuss how to feed the vendors [guest meals or crew meals?]

    Bridal Gown, Moms' Gowns and MOH Gown - Veluz
    All of us already had our measurements taken, except Mamang who's in Isabela. She'll probably have hers taken by a neighbourhood mananahi na lang and send it via mail.

    To do : Ask for Designs, Send Mamang the measurement guide, Update Contract with Veluz, Wait for Fitting Garments, Further fittings, Have Ivy [my sister] deliver the fabric for her gown to Veluz.

    Bridal Accessories - Niko and Veluz
    Shoes, Hairpieces, Cord, Pillow and Garter, Cord and Secondary Veil come with the bridal gown that Veluz will be doing.

    To do : Research for the shoe/hair accessories designs and forward it to Niko

    Barong - Bin and Papang
    Still on the lookout. Bin already visited Edwin Valerio and had his measurement taken but he told them that he's still not decided. Their rates are reasonable considering the good feedbacks we read/heard about them. But we are still considering Clarice's and Veluz suggestions on this. They may be able to deliver the same style and quality at cheaper price.

    To do : Ask for Clarice's contact's rate on the barong. Decide on who will create Bin's barong.

    Bin's Pants and Shoes
    none yet

    To do : If we decide to get the Barong from Edwin, we will also get the pants from him. The price is quite reasonable if they could create the exact barong design we want :) ... As for Bin's shoes, we will scout here but will probably buy in Pinas..

    Entou Gowns - Leony Bautista (Mrs. Bau for short).
    With Jo's gown [see pic on previous post] I am more kampante that Mrs. Bau can deliver my other entou's gowns accdg. to my expectation...

    To do : Compile all Entou's measurements, Have Haidee[Bin's sister] send a copy of the designs to Clarice, Discuss the designs for SS' and PS' Gowns with her or Clarice.

    Entou's Brooches - c/o my BM's friend
    Im not sure if they would like me to mention their name here... so for the mean time, vendor's name is just BM's friend. :)

    To do : Wait for sample pics.

    Photographer - Nelwin Uy
    We've finally set the date for prenuptial shoot with Nelwin :D From our prenup pics Nelwin will be doing our guest sheets :D

    To do : Shop for prenups attire hehehe, Decide on where to hold the prenups, Set a prod. meeting with him and Paul V. if sched permits.

    Videographer - Threelogy
    As I've discussed with Clarice, we will avail the onsite video in place of the additional aisle arrangements [another tipid step]

    To do : Inform Threelogy that we will be availing their Onsite Video. Decide on the onsite video song and theme.

    Backup Photographer - Paul Vincent
    No update.

    To do : Set a prod. meeting with him if sched permits.

    Lights and Sound System - Sound Syndrome
    No update.

    To do : Inquire if they can provide sound recording of the music that will be played during the ceremony. Provide playlist on the disco part.

    String Quartet - Velvet Mood Musicale
    No update.

    To do : Draft and submit song list.

    Flowers - Mang Boy Mahusay
    We went to Dangwa to meet him and pay the downpayment. We found them really nice kahit mukha silang siga sa kanto hehehe

    To do : Change bridal bouquet because we changed our motif... give them an extra cloth to tie up the bridal bouquet.

    Cake - Alex Franco
    No update.

    To do : I think nothing's left to do here. Will see him on the wedding day na :)

    Hotel Preps - Manila Diamond Hotel
    Bin already put the DP for an Executive Suite (one day) and Superior (two days). But Clarice made us decide to double up the Exec. Suite because we cannot be assured that the room is available for early check-in.

    To do : Book Exec. Suite for Dec.15-16. Decide on rooms for Pastor Jim and company.

    Souvenirs - Ms. Chie
    Already got the sample and I am happy with how it turned out. :) The production has already started. Mama will do the packaging :D

    To do: Wait for the finished prod. and hand it to mama for packaging. Buy Boxes/Baskets to contain the

    none yet

    To do : Will go to Machida to scout for rings on Saturday. If we can find rings we like w/in our budget, we might buy it already :D

    none yet

    To do : Must decide on the supplier for the invitation! As for missalette I can do the layout and find a printer for it. Submit it to Pastor Jim for review.

    HMU - Chichi Sotomil
    no update.

    To do : must set trial makeup date. better if it would be on the same date as our prenups sched. Ask her if what hair accessories we will be using. :)

    HMU for other family members
    none yet.

    To do : Find one and book.

    Rental Cars for our families' transport on the day
    no update. we might need 3 private vans.

    To do : find the cheapest but reliable supplier for this.

    Gifts for Principal Sponsors
    not sure if we're gonna get the same gifts for both our foreign and Filipino Principal Sponsors.

    To do : still look around

    no update

    To do : Mama will do this :D

    Arrhae - Unity Coins or 500-Yen Coins?
    To do : Decide which is better... I like the symbols that go with each Unity Coin.. but 500-Yen coins go with our Japanese theme. :) dochira ga ii ka na...

    Ceremonial Needs
    Bible, Unity Candles, Secondary Sponsors' Candles/Lighter, Chalice, Wine and Bread, whatelse?

    Reception Needs
    Chamdor Sparkling Wine for toasting, Props for games, pre-dinner Snacks, whatelse?

    Special Effects
    some nice-to-haves :D i actually havent mentioned this to Bin :) I have to think first how I can defend these addtl gastos to him.. hehehe

    mini-gallery, fireworks, take home beverages, putobumbong/bibingka stand :D

    To do : Since these are at the least of our priorities, we'd decide on these when we have extra budget... so most likely.. pangarap na lang ito :D

    no update.. hehehe we need to come back here in JP by Dec27. with the 2nd reception in isabela... at best, we can only fit in a 3day-2night R&R at a local resort.

    To do : scout for one relaxing, not so far-flung [minimal travel], definitely not expensive vacation spot.

    Whew! Still a looonng way to go :D if you notice anything i have missed, please inform us :D

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    entou gowns...

    i asked mrs. bautista to create a gown ahead of the sched for jo, one of my bridesmaids. jo is also based here in japan and wont be home until the day before the wedding.

    finally, i got the gown made by mrs. bautista.. and i am so relieved that it was made according to what i envisioned my entou's gowns will be. simple yet elegant. naks! even my metikulosang [hi jo!] friend loves it :D and ndi raw makati hahahaha

    admittedly, i really was and still am OC on this because i also want my girls to feel pretty on our day :D

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    * model- jo, my bridesmaid
    top : sabrina neckline; metallic slub in pink w/ taffeta in copper [aka metallic brown] belt and ribbon accent
    skirt : a-line taffeta in copper

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    first dance?

    close friends and family, except bin [or at least he refuses to acknowledge] know that I love to dance. mapa-hiphop, disco or social dance.. go! i dont care if i have the right steps.. or the K to do it :D

    and so with the coming wedding, im toying with the idea of having our first dance choreographed... i know now that i dont want the usual pa-sweet dance, where couple hold hands and sway to the music ... our guests might take it as a money dance and think that we're just there waiting for them to pin their 20-peso bills on our clothes :)

    so i am hoping we can pull off a ...Foxtrot maybe? :D i know it's ambitious with Bin's ehem.. kahihiyan? take note, he claims he's the better dancer between the two of us so no problem daw in the talent department hmm so let's see..we still have 5months to practice... this can be another way to bond and spend quality time without the gastos. :)

    as for the song.. i want it to be not too long, catchy and representative of how we feel for each other, naks!

    so far i want it to be this... (*^o^*)/

    "For Once In My Life"
    Michael Buble

    For once in my life
    I have someone who needs me
    Someone I've needed so long
    For once unafraid
    I can go where life leads me
    And somehow I know I'll be strong
    For once I can touch
    What my heart used to dream of
    Long before I knew
    Someone warm like you
    Could make my dream come true
    For once in my life
    I won't let sorrow hurt me
    Not like it's hurt me before
    For once I've got someone
    I know won't desert me
    I'm not alone anymore
    For once I can say
    This is mine, you can't take it
    As long as I've got love
    I know I can make it
    For once in my life
    I've got someone who needs me

    ps. if ever we end up with the pa-sweet dance... friends who are going to be there, that's your cue ha :) we must be strapped for cash to do it, so start pinning those moolah away mwehehehe

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    ty ps...

    my hands are tied when it comes to diy stuff... definitely a major frustration of planning a wedding from abroad. i know i have all the potential to be a certified OC and doing things for the wedding would definitely give me mind-blowing high!

    if im in pinas, i would have probably started on making our luminaries, souvenirs.. i would have probably traversed down to the narrowest eskinitas of divi, quiapo, dangwa.. i would have probably attended all the bridal fairs and tiangges to scout for cheap, cutesy stuff for centerpieces.. there's a part of me saying that i've been missing the brutal [on second thought, mas me brutal pa ba sa pagbubudget hehe] but fun part of wedding preps. haaaayy..

    so now i satisfy myself by excelling all our expenses, our savings our projected savings.. heck, even bin's budget for the coming months! hehe i'm finally done with gown designs, i've drafted our missalette [w/c btw is now awaiting for bin's comments.. ehem].. so i now moved on to anything my very reliable ps could do.. layouts for souvenirs' and invites' logos :D .. ok lang, kahit ndi pa kami ayos ng suppliers hehehe

    here's a layout for our souvenirs.. i 100% liked the concept :) and we are 50% sure we are going with this supplier...pending her quote. i have fellow wowie, concon to thank, for referring us this supplier:D

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    imagine that etched in bato :)

    here naman is my second attempt for invites logo... we haven't booked any vendor for this but logo inclusion will be one of our non-nego :) no luck still on finding the perfect pink shade hehehehehe bahala na...

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    next thing to do... song list!!! :D

    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    logo explained...

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    i will be submitting this to whoever will do our invites.

    kung tagalog o english yan, corny hehehe...
    it basically means *alvin-love-irish* ;) but you see, the reading for that kanji is 'AI', our initials combined. plus our love story is made in japan. so, ayos!

    though, i don't like the shade of finkaloo... hmmmmm

    Sunday, June 18, 2006


    I took this quiz and I was told that ...

    You are a:

    You've found the perfect balance between practical and whimsical for your big day. You envision your wedding as an elegant event on a grand scale, but are careful not to lose the romance and tradition of the day. You are a level-headed negotiator, able to handle unexpected bumps in the road without losing your cool. Your serenity in the face of possible chaos will diffuse the situation and leave your wedding day a splendid celebration for everyone involved.

    I know bin would find it hard to agree... hehehe
    btw, less than 6 months to go. ulk!